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Why DENTSoftware is different from other dental softwares?

Comparison with Conventional Dental Software Never ever purchase a dental software just by price or advertisement. There are a lot to be considered, bcoz it’s Capital investment!   Particular Conventional software DENT Software Data storage Most conventional softwares faces the problem of data limit. Once the patient record reaches certain level, the software will become […]

Acupuncture could help dentists

Acupuncture may provide relief for dental patients who reflexively gag during procedures like teeth impressions, according to Italian researchers. Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population has severe anxiety at the dentist’s office. People who cannot help their gag reflex may unintentionally deprive themselves of the best dental care, write Giuseppa Bilello and Antonella […]

mobile app for dental care

Mobile Apps for Dental Care

“Apps to help maintain my dental hygiene? You can’t be serious! Everyone knows how to brush their teeth.” It sounds a bit silly at first, I admit, but recently I learned that my dental hygiene habits weren’t as proper as I thought they were. And even if you know how to be hygienic, are you […]

Interview of Sumesh

Mr. Sumesh, the CEO of Avengersoft speaks during TechSpark 2013

Avengersoft has listed in top 30 out of 800 companies from India. This is a great recognition for Avengersoft and its product DENT Software. Watch Mr. Sumesh speaking during the event.

Recent dental software order from Dima Dental Center, Saudi Arabia

We would like to announce our recent order with DIMA DENTAL CENTER, Saudi Arabia . DENT Software will be installed in their 3 dental hospitals including the central office. This Enterprise version will help the management to track the hospital performance real time.

Dentists must know how to handle emergencies

Dentists must know how to handle emergencies

NAGPUR: In UK, it is mandatory for every dentist to take a course in emergency medicine every year to be able to handle emergencies like heart attack, reactions of medicines, effect of anaesthesia, etc. in dental patients under treatment. And India too should follow suit as it is something basic not only for doctors but […]

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Questions to be asked while selecting a dental software.

Today there are lot of softwares which claims themselves as Dental Software. To select a right one for the practice is not easy. The following guidelines will help you to correct one for the practice. Dental Software are available mainly in two categories Online ( Cloud based) Offline ( Local server based) Before selecting the […]

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