88-Year-Old Samburu Man Sees a Dentist for the First Time

For some, taking care of their teeth is simply a case of heading over to the local dentist for a check-up, a bit of discomfort and to perhaps endure a filling, if necessary.  For others it’s not so easy. There are parts of Africa where people will go their entire lives without even seeing a dentist, […]

Energy Drinks Causing Dental Disease In Young Athletes

“I played soccer in high school for four years. I ran track for four years,” Jon said. “And I played soccer in college for three years.” The last injury he thought he’d suffer was one to his teeth. “I’m 25. I’ve had two root canals already,” Jon said. Root canals at such a young age? […]

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Tooth that repairs itself will silence the dreaded dentist’s drill

But soon it could be a thing of the past – because now scientists have unveiled a technique which makes a decayed tooth repair itself.It will be a major relief for the thousands of people who dread the pain so much that they avoid going to the dentist altogether. Drilling has always been necessary to […]

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Dr. Abdulla mufeed, CEO D4U explains his dental clinic software

The dentsoftware is one of leading dental clinic software that help dentists to switch their practice into a smart and profitable mode. Dr. Abdulla Mufeed, the CEO of Dentistry 4 U explains how dentsoftware helping them to achieve their targets. He also recommends this dental clinic software to all fellow dentists.

No more fillings as dentists reveal new tooth decay treatment

Scientists have developed a new pain-free filling that allows cavities to be repaired without drilling or injections. The tooth-rebuilding technique developed at King’s College London does away with fillings and instead encourages teeth to repair themselves. Tooth decay is normally removed by drilling, after which the cavity is filled with a material such as amalgam […]

Red wine may contribute to good dental health

For wine lovers, the results of a new study provide even more reason to pour a glass of red wine guiltlessly, after scientists found that it could be good for your teeth. According to research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, red wine contains antimicrobial elements that were found to help kill […]

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The user friendly dental software explained by Dr. Joseph Edward

Dr. Joseph Edward is a leading Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon in Kerala, India. He is the HOD of a famous college and a busy practitioner in most of the leading hospitals. Nuface is his multispeciality dental clinic located in southern part of India. He is using dentsoftware – the dental software for more than 2 […]

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Dental Treatment charges in Singapore

Average Fee for Dental Procedures This section provides the range of fees charged for selected dental procedures for private patients in our public institutions and some private dental clinics. Should you wish to find out more, please enquire directly with the clinics or institutions.   Crowns (Capping) Crowns (Capping) – Single Unit* Public Institutions $605 – […]

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Now, get out of that dentist office fast

There is good news for those who do not want to spend too much time on the dental chair as researchers have now discovered a new dental filling material that is faster to harden. The new generation of photoactive materials is based on the element Germanium. In modern dentistry, white composite materials that are more […]

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The mummy returns, with high cholesterol, poor dental health

London: The ancient Egyptians suffered from same health issues that plague us today, including high cholesterol, fatty diet and teeth trouble, research shows. The revelation comes after eight mummies underwent CAT scans at various London hospitals. Scientists combined the CAT scan images with carbon dating and infra-red ‘reflectography’ to build up a detailed picture of their […]

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