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Become a business partner for Dentsoftware.. High profit shares are ensured.

  •Additional revenue through training, onsite support etc •Additional percentage on high volume businesses •High value projects like colleges, dental hospitals etc •No technical expertise required •100% sales and technical training •No security deposit required •Anytime revoke with 30 days notice About Dentsoftware:  Dentsoftware is a comprehensive and Integrated dental practice management software designed to […]

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Watch the new dental software introduction video

Dentsoftware is one of the best dental software available for dental clinic management. Its easy, user friendly and highly powerful. This dental software has crossed 100 installation in many countries like Singapore, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, UK etc. Dentsoftware is a complete application with modules for dental charting, perio charting, appointment scheduler, SMS […]

The facilities for dental treatment and oral health are still inadequate in India – Says Dr. Harsh Vardhan

The facilities for dental treatment and oral health are still inadequate in India and in the rural areas, they are practically absent, said Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan today. To mitigate this, the Minister said the coming years would see more investment into dental hospitals and colleges at the national and regional levels. These would be […]

deevees dental clinic software

Deevees Dental Clinic is now powered with Dentsoftware

The Deevees Dental Clinic is a state of the art Dental Centre operated and owned by Dr. Daniel Varghese.  Deevees is one of the famous and old dental clinic in Kayamkulam, Kerala. We have successfully rolled out Dentsoftware for their practice. Now the clinic is totally paper free with a complete computerisation.

The hidden dangers of dental care products

There are many options we have in taking care and beautifying our smile these days. The claims can be enticing— promises of whitening, tartar control, cavity control, germ killing, and more. Did you know some of the ingredients in your toothpastes, mouthwash and teeth whiteners can actually be more harmful than beneficial? There are some […]

Indian teen Ashik Gavai has 232 Teeth Removed in 7 hours ‘World Record’ Surgery

MUMBAI, INDIA – A teenager in India had more than 200 “teeth” removed from his jaw on Monday, after an abnormal condition began causing him too much pain. Ashiq Gavai, 17, had experienced swelling in his jaw for 18 months, and the pain grew unbearable a month ago. His father told the Mumbai Mirror his family feared […]

DCI bats for redesigning dental education system

Vadodara: With an aim to improve skills of dental practitioners to ensure safety of patients and enhance overall health care quality, the Dental Council of India (DCI) today said it is keen to redesign the dental education system in the country. DCI president Dibyendu Mazmudar said evidence-based education system (EBES) was best-suited for redesigning the […]

Peri-implantitis: The ‘time bomb’ in dental implants

A little-known disease is emerging in which bacterial infection causes the loss of the bone supporting the implant Catherine Gunnell’s dentist diagnosed her with peri-implantitis Photo: Jay Williams By Ruth Wood Cathy Gunnell was thrilled when she had dental implants fitted at the age of 52. Since childhood, she’d endured crooked teeth, gum disease and abscesses, one […]

Kim Kardashian’s dentist selling judgment for her unpaid dental bill

Kim Kardashian’s dentist is trying to sell a judgment he won in court after the reality star did not pay her bill. TMZ reports on Wednesday that Dr. Craig Gordon hopes to profit from her fame and mentions someone will be interested in buying the judgment from him. This is not the only problem that […]

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The all new Dentsoftware is successfully rolled out at Dr.32 Dentistry

Avengersoft has successfully rolled out their All New Dentsoftware at Dr.32 Dentistry. The new version offers much more features than the old version. Its more user friendly and powerful. The entire graphics is redesigned to give a new experience to the users. This new dental software includes Graphical dental charting, Periodontal charting, SMS & Email, Graphical […]

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